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Terms & Conditions
At the time of delivery Sims, It is mandatory to Summit Photo copy of Front and Back side of passport, Valid Visa & E – Ticket.
Nikkitel SIM Cards not to be used in India.
Nikkitel recommend choosing mobile network and data operator as recommended strictly. Once the SIM Card is activated it cannot be cancelled. If cancelled, then you have to pay the cancellation charges of INR 300.
Mandatory Documents required: Photocopy of first and last page of Passport, Photocopy of Visa issued by the travelling country, and Signature on the Duly Filled Rental Agreement Form.
The Services will only be delivered on completion of the documentation as per DOT norms.
It is mandatory to share scanned copy of Visa card for validation.
This promotion/offer cannot be used in combination with any other Nikkitel Telecom offers.
Cardholder need to communicate the Intel avail the offer at the time of buying the Voice/Data SIM.
Nikkitel may terminate the connection anytime but will be responsible for all the usage charges incurred during the period, monthly rental.
GPRS is pre activated on Nikkitel SIM Cards provided and charges are up to USD 20/MB Usage.
Nikkitel Telecom Reserves the rights to add, modify, alter, withdraw all or any of the terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, without any prior notice.
The customer/cardholder is not permitted to use Nikkitel telecom products for any antinational, illegal, unlawful or abusive purpose. Nikkitel telecom reserves the right to terminate usage in such an event without assigning any reasons.
The usage made from connection would be sole responsibility of the user & Nikkitel Telecom reserves the right to retrieve the information/ cost against the usage from the traveler.
The customer will be using various mobile phones and SIM cards provided by Nikkitel for self-usage and will not transfer to any third party without explicit written consent and authorization by Nikkitel.
All terms & conditions of the solutions/services/tariff plans will be applicable.
Roaming charges may apply while using Nikkitel SIM outside the country for which it is contracted for.
It is important to follow dialing instructions. Nikkitel Telecom holds no responsibility in case of any issue that arises due to incorrect dialing procedure.
These plans are not valid for use while you are in cruise. Calls made on cruise / satellite/ Remote Island will have additional costs.
Calls to Toll-free numbers / directory enquires/ and other value added services to the country of travel are chargeable at a premium rate, please check with your account representative for more information.
The incoming caller number will be passed on to the customer subject to availability from the caller’s service provider.
In case of loss of SIM card, the cost of the inventory will be charged. Nikkitel Telecom holds no responsibility of offering the same number to the traveler cardholder needs to communicate the intent to avail the offer at the time of buying the voice/data SIM.
Nikkitel SIM cards are not compatible with network locked phones/ blackberry handsets.
In use of loss SIM Card & Handset, the user / corporate is requested to intimate Nikkitel ASAP so that SIM can be blocked. The usage on the SIM is customer’s liable for the lost charges
Interested customers can contact us at customer care no, 91-22-45 400 400 or email us at support@nikkitel.com
*Condition Apply