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United States of America a dream visit that is probably written in every one of ours bucket list. Finally, it’s for real and you have all your preparation underway. No matter how organised you might be the expenses are pouring in and little you can do to avoid it. However, when it’s time to decide of an international USA sim cards in India you don’t have to look any further than Nikkitel.
Fulfil your dream without distractions on limitations of your roaming services. Enjoy our international calling cards for USA that offers unlimited outgoing locals, and lets you stay connected to your loved ones in India with unlimited calls as well. Can’t believe it? It’s now obtain our travel sim card for USA and receive unlimited SMS and Data that will make your trip to “the happiest place in the world” Disney land or to “the Big Apple” most memorable. So be it work or education, conference or wedding visit with our international sim card for USA and enjoy the stress free communication. It doesn’t here!
Irresistible discount of up to 20% on travel sim card for USA makes your budget combined with a purpose. Welcome the freedom of unlimited connection and quality service with Nikkitel international sim card for USA and farewell to roaming charges.
Excited about traveling and plan to explore other countries, check out the other offers for Australia, Europe, and various other international sim cards with Nikkitel. Grab your chance to travel stress free from high mobile bills.
Above offer valid till stock last.
The tariff plans are excluding of 18% GST.
Pulse rate is per minute.
The above price plans are country - specific. Excessive Roaming charges may apply while using Nikkitel SIM card outside the country, contracted for.
Calls to Toll Free Numbers/Directory Enquires/and other value added services to the country of travel are chargeable at a premium rate. Please check with your account representative for more information.
Ensure all auto-updates /auto sync; cellular data & GPRS services are inactive. Or consider an add-on data bundle to ensure a solution that is cost-effective, as Pay-As-You-Go GPRS are very expensive
Downloading of media files and streaming audio/video from services such as YouTube can have data usage as high as 6MB per minute. User discretion is advised
These plans are not valid for use, while on a cruise. Usage during a cruise is charged maritime rates and is at the discretion of the cruise lines.
If your phone or SIM card is lost or stolen, please report the loss immediately in order to block usage. Be sure to do so promptly, as clients are responsible for all the usage till the services are barred.
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